Sightseeing in Vienna

I can drive you around Vienna for many, many hours and there will be still something missing, to get to know the city i think you have to live here but i can show you in a short time the most interesting places.

My plan is usually to show you  the top 10 sights in Vienna and at the end of our drive you may visit any of those places from inside or i drive you back to your Hotel

Here is a basic 2 to 3 hours drive around the city –

Along the Ringstrasse i will show you beautiful architectural buildings, such as the Museum of Applied Arts (MAK), The City Park with Johann Strauss Sculpture, The Schwarzenberg square, the State Opera House, the Spanish riding school stables, the University of Vienna, the Museum of Fine Arts with its world famous art treasures of the Habsburgs and the Natural History Museum,  the cultural district the Museums Quartier, the Hofburg (the former Habsburg winter residence), the Parliament, the City Hall and the National Theater, the Belvedere Palace which houses the largest and most previous Gustav Klimt collection in the world, the Hundertwasser Haus, the Danube canal and the Danube river, the Danube tower and the modern part of Vienna, the Vienna Ferries wheel (the oldest Ferries wheel in the world)

Of course during the drive i will stop for some picture taking and you hear a little about the history of Vienna, the economic situation, funny facts about Austria, suggestion about places to visit, meals to enjoy, desserts you shouldn’t miss, coffee houses to enjoy a relax afternoon, goodies to buy, concerts to visit, parks to stroll and much more.

Every drive is totally different and i try my best to accommodate your needs on information and places to visit – please feel free to ask me anything you want to know about Vienna and Austria, if i don’t know about it it will try to find out for you.



2 thoughts on “Sightseeing in Vienna

  1. Hi Francis,

    Me and my boyfriend are currently in Vienna and would like to visit some places which we have left before leaving tomorrow. How much would it cost us please to take us around a few places?

    Thanks a lot


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