Exclusive Service

What is a Exclusive Service ?

You may ask for any special driving arrangement – the last couple of years I’m specializing in driving around Europe, i can pick you up anywhere in Europe and drive you through many cities and countries.

Some of the places i drove with clients –

Germany – Czech Republic – Hungary – Slovak Republic – Austria – 5 to 7 nights

Starting in Berlin – stop in Dresden – 3 nights in Prague – 2 nights in Budapest – stop in Bratislava – Finish in Vienna

Swiss & Austria 5 to 7 nights

Starting in Zurich – stop at Lucerne – 1 night Interlaken – stop at Bern – 2 nights Geneva – stop at Montreaux – 1 night in Zermatt – 1 night in Innsbruck – back to Zurich

Germany – Austria 5 to 7 nights

Starting in Munich – 2 nights Innsbruck – 2 nights Salzburg – finish in Vienna

There are many variation possible, important is which places you want to visit – if you want to see Paris and then only Moscow for sure is cheaper and comfortable to take a plane, but if you near many beautiful places and don’t want to miss it, then I’m your driver to do this Exclusive Service.

Send me your travel plans and i will get back to you with some ideas.



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